Bitterness Is The Result Of a Genetic Trait

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Bitterness Is the Result of a Genetic Trait Bitterness is the result of a genetic trait. Webster defines bitter as a devastating mental sin that triggers a wide range of other sins, like hatred, cruelty, and antagonism. Usually occurs in older generations. In this story all three sins are reacted upon. The main thing the story focuses on is the little boy Ellie and his mother Stephanie, their relationship and his behavior towards her. The background on the story is that she is a mother in a Federal prison camp for women in Illinois. She is serving time for conspiracy. Conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. She participated in an act of violence with her boyfriend and did not talk to the police so they gave her ten years and he talked and received three years. Stephanie “The woman’s daughter, the conspirator, is chasing her son through the maze of chairs and tables and through other children,” (Coyne 92). Once again this goes back to the little boy’s behavior, attitude, and lack of respect for his mother. The other children sitting down talking to their parents and he’s running making his mother chase him around. While Stephanie is under incarceration Ellie is staying with his grandmother. His grandmother seems to be a bitter old woman who has a negative effect on everything. She feels Ellie’s mother is not a real criminal, but I feel if she was dumb for taking the wrap for a man that was her boyfriend and not even a husband. He did not stand up for his lady. Seemed to me that grandmother has a case of hatred. Hatred is a bad feeling that a person has toward another thing or object, selfish. All the while even though his mother was not at home with him she still should have been teaching him to show respect to all his elders especially to his mother the woman who birthed him in the world. She should have taken a different

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