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For this week’s writing assignment, I actually found it actually quite interesting. I interviewed my mom and my boss. The question was,:” How did their expectations and strategies for managing family responsibilities and paid employment change over time? (In other words, when they first became adults, what did they expect their roles to be in the family, and did that change over the years)? My mom’s response was how I pictured it to be. When she got married at 21 she had no idea what her future held. She didn’t go to college but fell into a good paying job with great benefits. She had my sister Celia when she was 24 and me at the age of 27, which is very young, compared to the average mom nowadays. She said she once had visions of being…show more content…
Even though we have become more independent, she still does her best to be the best mom she can be. She has always tried to find a balance between working and being a wife and mother, but found that she has always put that first in her life before a career. She is now still working to help put me and my sister through college and will still work to pay for our weddings. Then she will work for her grandchildren. I guess you can say her role in life is to be happy, live comfortably financially and do everything she can to make her family comfortable and happy. When it came to asking my boss Kevin, his response I found to be quite shocking. He said his expectations and strategies for managing a family were completely what he expected. He went to college, he has a great job, he comes home, still does some work and in that extra time, he will spend time with his kids and his wife. Between the two responses, I don’t really see a difference in their answers. I believe it quite comparable to most people. Listening to my mom’s response finally got me thinking about what my expectations are and wondering if they will change. I honestly hope to become the woman she is, and I’d have the same goals in life for my family as she does. Fortunately my boss is also her boss and I’m basically at the point where she began as

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