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Mama Character Analysis- Raisin in the Sun

  • Submitted by: LVRied
  • on March 17, 2014
  • Category: English
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Leanne Riedthaler
Honors English
Feb. 16, 2014
Mama- Character Analysis
Family: many people have different definitions of the word. For some, it means sticking together, and for others, it just means blood relatives. When people think of what holds a family together, they think of happiness, sacrifices, strength to keep moving on, and maybe even people. In “A Raisin In the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, the woman who holds the family together is a mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. The character Mama (Lena Younger) holds the family together by upholding the family values of: belonging, flexibility, respect, and forgiveness.
Mama could be described as steel frame of a bridge, giving strength to the rest of the things that make it what it is through the wear and tear of hard times. She is a strong willed and a kind woman. She cares deeply for her children and tries to do everything that she can for them. Although she is an old person, she is willing to work and raise money for the family as a maid. She always bases her decisions on what is best for her family, but what she won’t do is try to accomplish something that are against her ideals that she has, and in all the play, she never goes against her beliefs and she never gives up. Mama can be described as little imposing at the first sight of her, but almost immediately, she totally changes that view of her. While the way she moves speaks of her age, her face and voice speaks of her past. It is strong and firm, but with a hint of sadness at times. You can tell that Mama had been through hard times and her voice gives way of experience that she wish that she didn’t have. When she is with them, she is not worried to tread dangerous ground with her son or daughter in their sometimes heated debates. One of the main parts of Mama’s character is her moral beliefs that she has and never backs away from. She works very hard to pass on these moral beliefs to her children in the hopes that they will take...

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