Personal Narrative: Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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Growing up your first word is probably going to be “mommy” or “daddy”. For me, it was mom. Now that I am older I understand why it was my first. She is the only person in my eighteen years that has ever been there for me unconditionally. Taking me to my ball games, doctors’ appointments, and even little so called dates I would go on. She would drop her life in a matter of seconds for me. She has battled more than a lot of people her age, or I think so anyways. In a few situations it was me taking care of her, or running her around. It’s always good to know that I have helped her half as much as she has me. I hope one day I will be the mom that she is. Throughout my life my father came around only when it was convenient for him. I would…show more content…
All through school I was at least a B student, until my sophomore year. My mom had found some lumps and the doctor just told her they were caffeine lumps. Come to find out, she had breast cancer, and had already had it for many years. A simple misdiagnoses led her into Stage 4 Breast Cancer. To me this was worse than hearing I would be deaf in my right ear for the rest of my life. The moment she told me, all I could think about is what I would do if something bad happened to her. I can honestly say I would die without her. She was so strong during her treatments. She was brave enough to drive herself back and forth even with the chances of getting sick and being very weak. She was off of work for almost nine months, and it hurt us financially. It was a struggle to keep food in our house, or even pay the bills. I told her for the longest time I would eventually get a tattoo for her, and I did. A couple months ago, I went and had two breast cancer ribbons with the words “Trust Your Struggles” between them. I have it on my lower back. The whole time I was getting it done, all I could think about is the amount of pain she went through while doing her

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