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Natelia Estella Letting Go Question 1. Compare/contrast the introduction of “Letting Go” with that of “My Most important Day.” Using specifics from each text, describe their differences and similarities, and explain which one you think is more effective. (20 pts.) Letting go and My Most Important Day are similar stories. In the introduction both stories begin with introducing the main charters. Both stories are about two females with life treating illnesses. Both of them were born perfectly healthy. One of the characters devolved lung cancer and the other charater acute congestion of the stomach and the brain whitch made her deaf and blind. Sara was a thrity four years of age when she found out she had lung cancer, Helen was a nineteen moths when she got sick and made her lose her hearing and eye sight. Both stories are life changing experiences. They can relate to each other because they both struggle and have to fight for the rest of their lives. The difference between the two is there ages and there illness, one is permanent and the other is something that may go away or lead to death. Sara illness could attempt to be treated and has a chance of going away. Helen illness is permit and she can adjust to her changes and live with it without it being life threating. I think that Sara lung cancer is more effective because Saras is more life threating. She can try different ways to beat the cancer but every way she tries can take her life. Sara also is a lot more sick then Helen. Sara’s treatments are more effective because they make her sicker, Sara is also in the hospital more than Helen and that is why I think Saras illness is more effective then Helens. 2. In your own words, explain the “hard question” our society faces when it comes to end of life care. (15 pts.) When it comes to end of life care it is hard decision to make.it is very

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