Tbi Case Analysis

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Ways in: Bring the Problem and You Audience into Focus For audience (The Iraqi Veterans Against the War “IVAW”) The enormous number of cases that exists in soldiers that are coming back from oversea deployment is a great proof that the problem actually exists. There are multiple reasons behind the cause of the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). One main reason, that is considered as a major contributor to TBI in U.S soldiers in Iraq are the horrific brain and physical injuries that are frequently resulting in permanent mental and behavioral damage. U.S soldiers who witness horrific situations and disturbing imagery are mainly the victims of this complicated psychological problem that is rapidly increasing. Even though a parson can easily…show more content…
3) Having teams of physicians and psychologists for early diagnosis of TBI is also another suggested idea to minimize the effects of TBI. Because most TBI cases are undiagnosed early, and patients usually suffer for a long time before diagnosed, this maybe sound like a very helpful tool as suggested by experts. -- Ways in: Exploring Your Tentative Solution we all agree that TBI Is a serious issue and if not controlled we may have to face many consequences. My first solution of course will eliminate the problem completely, but as we know, politics are too complex for this solution. My second solution may well eliminate more and more cases of TBI if number of soldiers decrease. Third solution will be a lifesaver. It is known that TBI patients, if not treated, may commit suicide in some cases. So if patients are diagnosed earlier, some lives might be saves and also tension and anxiety will be reduced on families of those who suffer TBI. A counterargument in regards to TBI would be the long-run treatment. TBI patients are usually treated over long times and success of treatment is not 100%

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