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AO4 There are a number of different strategies to help prevent breast cancer from occurring. One way that can prevent breast cancer from occurring is by living a more healthy lifestyle. In the UK it is estimated that being overweight and being obese causes around 17,000 cases of cancer each year. I feel like this is the most simplest way to prevent breast cancer and it’s easier as people can replace the unhealthy food they eat with more healthier food. Even though it’s an easier way it is more expensive which unfortunately would make it more difficult for people who are in poverty to make this change. A way to lead a more healthy lifestyle is to be physically active. The government state that it’s important to exercise regularly for only 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. This could highly help reduce breast cancer as well as bowel and womb cancer. Keeping active can help prevent more than 3,000 cases of cancer a year in the UK. I think this strategy is good as it’s helping prevent cancer as well as helping to keep a healthy body at the same time. The only disadvantage to this strategy is people not being able to afford a gym membership or any gym equipment for their home but they could still do exercise in their home without any equipment. Another strategy to prevent breast cancer is to drink less alcohol, just by sticking to the government guidelines. In the UK, alcohol causes 12,500 cases of cancer, around 4%.I also think this strategy is easy to follow as there’s no need to stop drinking alcohol completely, just less of it. It’s a positive strategy as it helps people save money rather than spend it but there’s also people out there who are alcohol dependant or even get peer pressured into it. Breast screenings or X-Rays can be a positive strategy for breast cancer, even though it may already show that the patient has breast cancer, they may be able to catch it

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