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Are tanning beds actually safer than sun exposure? I always loved the “straight out of the beach look” I always thought it was attractive to have a nice dark complexion. I wouldn’t go to the beach to go in the water or to spend quality time with my family. I would go to the beach to spend quality time with the sun every 15 minutes I would apply a great amount of baby oil along with a can of soda all over my body and just lay in the ground until it was time for me to head back home. Eventually the threat of being diagnosed with skin cancer due to over exposing my body to the sun was starting to have its effect on me. Rather than tanning on summer days outside with the sun, I choose to go tanning daily with my high school friends. I had unlimited tanning sessions. But where tanning beds actually safe? Not at all! I read a story about a girl who changed the way I looked at this tanning phase. A high-school junior, named Lietz decided she looked too pale in her white prom dress, so she joined friends heading to a tanning salon near Annapolis, Md. What started as a lark soon became a 20-minute-a-day obsession. She never thought she was tanned enough. A bleeding mole discovered at the age of 20 sent Lietz to a dermatologist. It turned out to be stage 1B melanoma. Other suspicious growths were tested. "Every one of them turned out to have some cancerous characteristics," she said. Surgeries to remove the growths have left the 23-year-old with 35 scars so far. With no family history of melanoma, she is convinced that her time in tanning beds caused her cancer. Now you would never want this to ever happen to a loved one. I began to worry and I believe this can happen to the best of us. Even though the sun contains the highest amount of UVA and UBV raze it doesn’t make tanning any safer! I eventually learned to love myself the way aim and I won’t be hypocrite I will

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