Examples Of Moral Dilemmas In Medical Services

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The Moral Dilemma of Medical Services What exactly is a moral dilemma? Webster’s Dictionary defines “dilemma” as a situation involving a usually undesirable or unpleasant choice. The word “moral” is defined as relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior. Therefore, a moral dilemma is when a person is faced with a decision where making the right choice can go against a persons ideas or beliefs. A decision needs to be made on what is morally correct, not just on what is preferred by the person making the decision. An example of a moral dilemma is the current issue of deforestation, which is causing the destruction of the environment. Steve Greenberg’s cartoon, “On A Clearcut Day, You Can See Forever”, portrays these growing effects…show more content…
Terri Schiavo entered a persistent vegetative state in 1990 and would end up spending fifteen years of her life there. Doctors saw no hope for Terri and Michael, her husband, claimed it was his wife's wish to not be kept alive. Michael wanted her feeding tube removed, but Terri’s parents refused to let that happen. They hoped everyday that their daughter would somehow recover. Eventually, a bill was passed by George W. Bush, which gave hospitals the power to remove patients from life support. Soon after, Terri's feeding tube was removed and thirteen days later her heart stopped beating. (NNDB) Similar cases to Terri’s happen more than people think; it is a current growing dilemma. Nobody knows who was right in that situation, but many wonder if it was necessary to keep her alive or if it would have been better to take her out of misery. In “CORRECTED: When to Let Go? Medicine's Top Dilemma”, Tom Heneghan discusses the dilemma on the consumption of medical services. In the article, Heneghan quotes Susan desJardins, a pediatric cardiologist and member of the ethics committee at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Susan

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