Smokeless Tobacco Research Paper

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My Essay A child sits in a waiting room in a hospital and starts to cough violently. He waits to see if his mother will make a recovery from her lung transplant for her emphysema. His mother has been a smoker for years and is strongly addicted. Even after overcoming her addictions to alcohol and cocaine, tobacco was a drug she couldn’t quit. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with emphysema that she knew her smoking had to stop, but it was too late. The mother had a lung disease that greatly spread, so her only option other than death was a lung transplant. It was a brutal year of fear for the mother and her son as she waited for a donor. The last thing the mother wanted to do was leave her son alone in this world. Sadly, that was not the only…show more content…
Smokeless tobacco, also known as spit, snuff or chew, can have absolutely devastating results on the chewer. Some people use smokeless tobacco as an alternative to cigarettes. It is a misconception that chew tobacco is less hazardous to your health than cigarettes or cigars. The dangers of chewing tobacco are just as serious as smoking tobacco. It still contains nicotine and holds other dangerous chemicals, including 28 carcinogens (Mayo). An individual who chooses smokeless tobacco has to face the consequences that go with it. That person increases their chance of acquiring tooth decay, oral cancer, and heart disease ("Smokeless"). There is another constituent in chewing tobacco other than nicotine: sugar. When any product containing high quantities of sugar that is taken through mouth, there is always a risk of tooth decay. Chewing tobacco is kept in the mouth for long periods of time and tends to wedge its way between the teeth. This leaves the gums up for higher risk of obtaining disease or infection (Mayo). The rough consistency of chew is disposed to scratching the tooth enamel ("Smokeless"). Then there's the most known "side-effect" oral cancer. Using chew tobacco has a direct effect on oral health. Cancers that distress the lips, gums, cheeks, or palate are quite frequent ("Smokeless"). Developing heart disease as a result of smokeless tobacco is not as familiar to folks as oral cancer. The user is at a greater risk of heart problems when using snuff. There is an increased risk of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels
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