The Case of Mike and Sally

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6/15/12 Crystal Guilliams Unit 7 Case Study Crisis Intervention and Prevention Sally and Mike lost their son to cancer a month ago. They came to my office because Sally is having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of her son and feels that her life is over. Mike doesn’t understand what is wrong with Sally or how to help her. So using the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention and the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Death and Dying I will describe the methods and tools needed to evaluate and help Sally and Mike with their crisis. While in my office Sally explained, she cannot accept the fact that a child dies before a parent and that it is not the normal way of life. This in my opinion is denial, because according to Kubler- Ross’s Five Stages of Death and Dying when someone is in denial life makes no sense and the world is meaningless and overwhelming. Mike stated that he is going crazy because all he hears from Sally is her telling God to take her and bring her son back instead. This is the third item on the list which is bargaining. When someone is bargaining, the person will make secret pacts with God without regard to being religious. They become lost in a maze of “If only” or “What if” statements. Sally also feels that her life has ended and she has no reason to live. Sally admits that she feels guilty because she is still living and going on with life without her son. This is the depression stage, and is the fourth component in Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages. The individual often wonders what the point of going on at all is. They also feel that these intense emotions will go on forever and like they’re in a fog of deep sadness and grief. Now as for Mike, he feels like he is doing just fine and that his son dying is just life. He believes that his son was only here for a short time and that his work
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