Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

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Hunting the nightmare bacteria Frontline investigates the alarming rise of deadly type of bacteria that our modern antibiotics cannot stop. This video is about three different cases of infection that is becoming impossible to treat. First case appear in Tucson, Arizona, May 2011. Addie an 11 years old, physically perfect. She start complaining to her mom about pain in her hip, next day took her to the hospital where they said she had symptom of a virus but days after the pain spread and the fever got worse. Addie been diagnosis with spread of MRSA, a staph bacteria that cause infections resistant to many antibiotics. Second case, David Ricci, 19 years old American face another threat in India. David been run over by a train and dragged underneath it. Lucky to be alive, he was rush to the hospital, where they cut of his leg. Within 24 hours, Ricci was moved to another hospital, and his condition deteriorated quickly. David been diagnosis with NDM-1, which isn’t bacteria, it’s actually a resistance gene that can turn bacteria into superbugs. NDM-1 is resistant to almost all antibiotics. Third case, New York City. The bacteria it’s called KPC and lives in digestive system. No one knows exactly how many patients in the New York City area have been infected with KPC or how many have died from it. The video explores an outbreak of resistant bacteria, and explains why there is surprisingly little research being conducted into new antibiotics to combat these new superbugs. I believe that we can prevent infection by practicing good hand hygiene and getting recommended

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