Who Is PC Dawson's Failure?

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She bit down on her bottom lip as her tears continued to cascade down her cheeks. She looked at the pale man lying on the hospital bed before her, grasping his hand as if at any moment he might slip away from her. It was her first week back at school when PC Dawson, a work colleague of her dads, collected her from her lesson. It was that day her whole world came crashing down. The day she found out her father had been shot and placed in a coma, one she was told he may never awake. Her heart rate increased as she’d waited for the bad news to come. PC Dawson took a deep breath and explained how they’d been called out on a job and shot in the middle of a drug bust. Covering her mouth, she started to whimper before her legs gave way beneath her and the darkness enveloped her. She prayed for hours every morning and night of everyday hoping that he would wake up to wipe away her tears and tell her everything…show more content…
She was still only a child and could not fully understand; believing only that it was her fault. But of course her daddy had wiped away her tears and reminded her of how much both her parents loved her especially he, her father, and although she still didn’t understand why her mother had left, she knew she’d always have her father around for her. With her head bowed down and her shoulders slumped her tears began to slowly fall down her face and onto the ground. She couldn’t help the small whimpers that escaped her mouth and the violent shakes that erupted from her body, still gripping onto her father’s hand. ’’You know I hate it when you cry so please don’t’’ Came a tiny raspy voice from next to her. Her head snapped up only to meet her father’s eyes with her own. He smiled a weak but warm smile at his daughter and slowly lifted his hand to wipe away her tears. She took a loud intake of air and held a huge watery smile placing her hand back on
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