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Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Silent and Deadly Killer Alyx M. Arencibia Mohawk Valley Community College Abstract This paper is dedicated to the research of necrotizing fasciitis. I share the horrific story of my childhood best friend when she contracted this ferocious disease, as well as a few other different cases. I will break down the terminology of the word , the definition, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, complications, theories, and future research. The materials I researched are fully cited on my citations page. There are many names that have been used to reference the disease, one, most of you have heard of or come across, which is gangrene. Necrotizing fasciitis is a rapidly spreading infection, usually located in fascial…show more content…
All of the emotions where running through here mind like a roller coaster. Not knowing what to expect regarding pain and, at the same time, proud to bring an innocent little life into her world. One thing she never expected was to be back in the hospital 3 days later putting up the fight for her life. When I was called, I rushed to the hospital to be by her side and give her as much support as I could give. I held back a cage full of tears when I entered the room and saw that her face was as flat as a basketball. You could not decipher the beautiful features of her face that was plain as day just days earlier. So like anyone I started asking a million questions like, " what could possibly be going on inside her body to do this to her?", "why?", "will she make it?", and "is she going to be the same?". I was informed that just 3 days after she gave birth she was sitting on the couch with her mother and her mother noticed a foul smell. Her mother had asked her what it was. My friend lifted up her shirt, showed her a bright red (not pink) belly, and told her mother she had been calling and informing the doctor's office for days. They simply told her it was normal to have pain, not to worry, and they could not fit her in for an appointment until the following week. From the site of my friends stomach, her mother rushed her to the emergency room in horror. What my friend had was a horrible disease called necrotizing fasciitis and it had spread through parts of her body like wild fire. So I began investigating and found that she was not the only one. My friend was actually one of the luckier ones that can still enjoy life. And, no, she will never be the

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