Life Twice Given An Unlikely Sacrifice Analysis

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Life Twice Given: An Unlikely Sacrifice At 16 weeks, Logan Hampson fell mysteriously ill. Four years later, his baby sister, Alyson, developed the same symptoms. Discover the true story of what a mother and father sacrificed for their children. By Nicholas Hune-Brown [pic] Photography: Frances Juriansz When Lynn and Jason Hampson first saw the hint of 
yellow in their four-month-old son’s eyes in the winter of 2008, they didn’t think too much of it. The young parents assumed it was jaundice, a common illness that would pass with a little time under the hospital lamps. Instead, the colour spread. By the end of the week, Jason says Logan’s entire body was as “yellow as a Simpsons character,” and 
his stomach had filled with fluid, 
becoming distended. Logan’s blood work revealed he was experiencing liver failure, but his doctors had no idea why. The family was transferred from their local hospital in Hamilton to department 6A—the transplant wing—in SickKids hospital in Toronto. The Hampsons didn’t know it then, but it’s where they would spend much of the next four years, a place they would ruefully come to call their home away from home. As doctors began running tests on Logan, Lynn stayed at the hospital while Jason worked in Etobicoke, repairing rails for CN Rail all day before returning to sleep with his family. The…show more content…
While Alyson and Lynn stayed in 6A, Logan and Jason moved into the nearby Ronald McDonald House, a place to stay for families receiving treatment for serious illnesses. Two days before Christmas, Jason caught the Norwalk virus, throwing the whole process off-track as doctors kept him quarantined, waiting for him to recover. If Jason was no longer a suitable match—if his health wasn’t good enough or there was something wrong with his liver—the chances of finding another donor in time were extremely slim. He lay in bed, worrying every wasted day was putting his daughter one step closer to

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