My Sister Mandi Valdez As A Role Model

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Coming of Age My name is Ariana McCall Valdez and what makes me who I am today is all of my life struggles that I have gone through. Not just in the present day but also in the past. I was born into the Mexican-American heritage, also born to Jennifer Ramon-Valdez, and Phillip Valdez in Nampa, Idaho on January 14, 1999. I have not always been the best of person because, I am very opinionated and judgmental about all things that life as thrown at me. I love to speak my mind and that is something that will always be the same about me. My Sister Mandi Valdez is a significant person in my life not just because I look up to her as a role model but because she has shown me that I don’t need somebody to make me happy, that I as a person can make myself happy by just being…show more content…
Mandi is the one person that I hope is always there for me, because your sister is always going to be there to pick you up when you have fallen. I admire my mother, not because she is my mom but because she is the only person I know that will be completely honest with me. I have had many significant events happen to me in my life but only two have completely affected me as I come of age, One of those significant event that has helped shape who I am not only today but for the future of myself, happened in October of 2011 when I moved from Kansas to Menard, Texas in the middle of my seventh grade year just a couple days after my first nephew Greyson was born, the big move from Kansas to Texas had changed everything for me. I had to adjust from moving from Idaho to Kansas then to Texas, if you think about it moving can affect many people in many different ways positive or negative, and for me it affected me negatively. Another significant event that affected me happened in August of

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