Family Meaning Essay

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Patricia Gonzalez ENC (Ref# 640359) Essay #2 September 8th, 2011 The Meaning of Family Family is the central point of our lives; we obtain love, laugh, comfort, listen, and are there always for each other. For me, family is one of the most important things in my life. Not necessarily have to be blood related to be family because there are many good friends that sometimes are better that the bloods related families. When I was living with my family I did not know exactly what a family is for someone until I decide to move alone. But now, I can easily notice that a family has several unconditional values. A family is always there to give you support, love, and education. To begin, at my age there are still people that do not know exactly how important a family can be for someone and the support they can give us. When I was younger I did not use to pay too much attention to what my mother tell me because I thought I knew everything. Now, I am twenty one years old; I am actually living with my husband and I am still receiving support from my family both emotionally and financially. If there is a person that I can call when I am happy or sad is my mother, she always is ready to listen to me to anything I want to tell her. My mother, father and sister are for me the only persons from whom I can receive honest advices without giving anything in return. Second, the unconditional love of a family is something that has a strong meaning for me. There a different kind of love, but for me the stronger one is the family love. Since and before a baby is born, their parents and family give that new person all the love they can give. The family is there in every moment of our lives, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. The
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