Entrance To College For a Troubled Girl

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Being abandoned at birth in Ecuador, an impoverished South American country, didn’t give me the best start in life. Through the lessons and adversity in my life, I am now in a position to make choices to contribute positively to our world. I want to go to college to study nursing, eventually with the primary goal to be a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse. It is important to me to make sure every child, especially those born prematurely, feel important and loved from the minute they are brought into this world. I have faced many obstacles in my life. I lived in orphanage from birth, and was finally adopted at the age of 3. Throughout my life I have been placed in different treatment facilities and had to learn how to be able to learn how to view the world from different places. I now know that the world is not how I thought it would be. At age 15 I was placed in A Kidz Hope, a girls group home, and now am at my last stop. This experience has taught me many hard and valuable lessons. One of the most important lessons I have learned is being accepting in diversity, as well as adaptation while living with others from so many different backgrounds. I have had friends come and go, in and out of my life and the group home on a regular basis. This constant change has made me aware of the value of friendship, while accepting the differences in others. I have found myself to be a loyal, trustworthy and dependable friend. I am learning that even though situations have changed, my feelings for my friends do not need to. I can still care from a distance, and creating new friendships is as important as nurturing the old ones. I am most proud of the relationship I am building with my immediate family. The abandonment by my birth mother had given me deep seeded emotional issues that were never addressed until I came to the group home. I have worked really hard on trusting

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