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My Special Occasion Speech My grandmother is my hero and someone I always look up to. She raised my brother, sister, and me on her own. My grandmother was my provider, and she taught us everything that we needed to know. I lived with her from the time I came home from the hospital until I moved out when I was seventeen years old because I was going to start my own family at that time. I moved in with my boyfriend. After giving birth to my healthy baby boy my grandmother came to my house every day and helped me with my baby boy. I was young so I did not know anything about raising a baby. I was still a kid myself. She taught me how to raise my son. Told me everything possible with all the advice and teaching my grandmother did. I turned out to be a wonderful mother. In 2002 of November 31, my grandmother lost her life to a brain aneurism that busted while she was sleeping. At that point I thought my life was over. I loss not only a grandmother but my hero, best friend, and a very special woman in my life. Deep down inside I knew she was at a better place and that she did not leave in pain or suffer. I knew she was in great hands because GOD called her home. My son was only two at the time so he did not understand that grandma went to heaven and what it meant. Until this day all three of my kids point at a picture that I have on my end table of grandma Dean and says “that is grandma Dean she is in heaven I miss her.” Even though the other two kids did not met her my oldest son Bryce told them memorize that he remember about her and how sweet of a person she was. He made sure that he told them about her that way they knew who grandma Dean was. I loved my grandmother with all my heart and I miss her dearly every day. My grandmother was everything to me and she will always hold that special piece of my heart. I cannot wait until the day that we meet

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