My Feminist Mom

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I bit my lip. This is so unfair! Why did this beautiful person, my mom's best friend, have to die? A mother of ten, she had lived an amazing life. For the past six years she had battled breast cancer, an example of fortitude for all who had known her. Since our families were so close, I had seen how this woman had given herself completely to her children. I cried as I heard her children's grateful testimonies for such a wonderful, self-giving mother. As I watched this display of love for a mother so similar to mine, I thought how lucky I was to have my mother alive and well. Reflecting on my life, I realized that in many ways my values are the same as hers. I have received a rich inheritance which includes, above all, a deep love for family. In fact, for my mom, the challenge of raising a big family has actually enabled her to succeed. By her example, my mom has taught me to live life to the fullest, regardless of its self-sacrifice. Being the second oldest of eleven, I can remember the excitement of my mother's last three pregnancies. Last fall, I had an incredibly busy schedule. As the captain of the soccer team, photo editor of the yearbook, and class president, I boldly pursued my love of drama and participated in two plays. I did not realize how little time I had for my family until production week of the second show. The night of dress rehearsal, I came home around eleven, dead tired, but determined to finish my homework. As I turned on the kitchen lights I noticed an envelope perched on the table addressed to me from my mother. I felt a tinge of disappointment remembering she was away and would miss my performance. It was a "Break A Leg" card. The beginning of the letter was merely newsy, and I could not help wondering why she was writing. Toward the end, I came to the line "God is once more entrusting a soul to us ..." I reread the preceding

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