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I interviewed Kim, a 27 year old from North Bend, Oregon. After an introduction of this project, the questions below are followed by her answers. Kim, in my Women’s Studies Class, we are discussing the diversity of women in our society and the discriminations we as women have encountered. I am conducting an interview with you to better understand your generation and how you grew up shaped your life and future. Describe your childhood and background. Tell me about yourself. I was born and raised in the same house in North Bend. I am an only child of a father, who is a lawyer and a mother, who although she has her bachelor’s degree chose to stay home and raise me. She worked full time and traveled throughout the state with a government job…show more content…
Well.....it is about a woman’s right to vote and equal pay for equal jobs and the right to choose what we want in life. • Good. How has the women’s movement affected your life? Do you think your Mom being an “at home Mom” is a statement against feminism? I don’t really think about it. But I really appreciate and admire my Mom because she made a choice, a conscious choice to stay home from her career and make homemaking her career. It wasn’t like she had to or was forced into it by my Dad. She had a college degree and a good job, but she chose to be the very best at what she did! • Would you change anything about your childhood that your Mom or Dad did or didn’t do? I really wouldn’t change a thing! I think it is the very best childhood I could ever have! They were cautious and I might not have understood that when I was young, but now I totally understand and appreciate it. The only issues we ever had were about me doing my homework and that was very gentle reminders. I loved being an only child...still do! And I loved being in the same house my whole life! I just understand that we lived here because it was more security for me, not that we couldn’t afford

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