Tribute To My Mom

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Tribute to my mother Excite My mother’s love for me was so great I have worked hard to justify it. - Marc Chagall I love this quote because I feel like my mother is the one person that keeps me going. Without her I would not be where I am today and where I am heading to in the future. Launch I’m very blessed to say that I have a wonderful mother and it’s an honor to make my tribute speech on her. Not only is she my mother but my best friend and trust me it wasn’t always like that. I feel like when you’re younger you don’t appreciate your parents like everyone should. So now that we have built this friendship and trust I like to take her struggles and up stickles she went through to motivate me to become a better and successful person like she knows I could be. Today I will be sharing to you a bit about my family, my mother’s personality, her past and present. Relate I believe you can benefit with this speech because you can learn a little about me being one of your peers and because my mom has gone through a lot a struggles that a lot of you probably don’t know much about. Inform My mother is Maria. She is the second oldest out of ten. She was born in a small town in Mexico. La loba is tiny its population is about 3,000 everyone there lives off their farming and crops. My grandfather makes extra money by taming horses and my grandmother by going around the town selling homemade cheese. With that being said my mom says her child hood was every tough. Her stories remind me of the little house in the prairie stories, where people had a lot of children just to have an extra hand around the house. She says her responsibilities at age six was to feed the animals, clean the house and feed her siblings before school, which was about a mile and a half way which they all had to walk to school and if late you would be punished either with more work or they

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