Why Was It So Hard To Be a Woman In America In The

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A woman’s life as of today has the same opportunities as a man could have; it was a much different place 200 years ago. In the 1800s, a woman was a key position of any household. Without her, a lot of simple labors would not be performed and the household would not be able to continue on. Some even compared a married woman in the 1800s to slavery in many ways. Women have indeed earned more opportunities since the 1800s. But as it did stand, the typical role of a woman in any family was a lot of chores. A farmer’s wife’s job consisted of cooking on a wooden stove, plucking chicken, wove clothes, making cheese, milking cows, making soap, and gathering water from an outside well. And on top of all of that, care and tend to her children and husband. Women who weren’t married worked in cotton and woolen mills and often took refuge in company boarding houses which consisted of six women in one room, two women to a bed. They had simple jobs which was two dollars every two weeks with 12 to 16 hour days. A woman with a better education got an extra dollar a week for teaching. Lucy Stone for example, she is the founder of the American Woman Suffrage Association. She became a teacher at the age of 16 and slowly saved money she earned which was one dollar a week. After nine years she’d save 75 dollars to go to Oberlin College in Ohio, the only college in the country at the time that gave degrees to women. Besides that, woman could not speak in public at all. Women during these times didn’t have many rights, but they did have grueling jobs and loads of responsibilities. Once married, a woman no longer had the rights to her belongings; her husband owned her clothes, jewelry, and her children. If the husband were to pass away, she got a third of his estate. If you were to ask me, the life of women consisted of long stressful days with lots of hardships throughout their daily

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