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“Farm Girl” Michelle Brown Van Hooks ENG 115 May 16, 2013 In reading the essay “Farm Girl” written by Jessica Hemauer, I find that her situation plays a common role in many lives today. Jessica had to give up most of her childhood to help her family with the farm. In doing so when she is finally able to participate in child like activities, she realizes how her hard work on the farm helped build her character. I find the main point of Jessica’s essay is she realizes how all of her hard work made her stand out from her peers. Jessica is describing how she was not fond of waking up early in the morning to help the chores on the farm before having to attend school. As Jessica explains “As we dress…”I hate this!” (pg.83) She wants us to know that her siblings as well hated that they had to participate in the house hold chores. She explains how she was never able to participate in any school activities with her friends. She also explains how depressing her conversations would be at lunch because she wasn’t relevant to the conversations. After years of sacrifice and pleading with her parents, they finally allowed her to join the basketball team as long as she continued to help with the chores around the house. Now Jessica has to manage her life as a farm girl and her new life as a kid. She continues to work on the farm and play basketball up until her freshman year. Her father is expanding the farm and he leaves it up to the children to decide if they want to continue to work on the farm or not. Of course Jessica opts out of working on the farm and becomes more involved in school activities. Now she feels more relieves and less stress of trying to keep up with school as well as the farm. At this point, Jessica is leading activities in school, she has social life and she has even managed to peruse a job. She has even had an opportunity to sit down and

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