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Indicate a Person Who Has Had a Significant Influence on You, and Describe That Influence. It seemed like an easy topic to write about when I have chosen it, but for some reason, I am really struggling with coming up with something. I have met so many people who inspire me and decided to highlight one of my friends who have inspired me to a great degree. I would like to say she is a close friend, but she is not, she is a mother of my husband’s best friend. Her son and my husband are close friends since a daycare I think. When we were looking to buy a house we have got one actually right across the street from him. When my first daughter was two, I got really confused how to get out from the house and start working. In time when I actually got closer with Renata I realized that she is a vital woman at age fifty-five. I was impressed because she worked full-time, yet found time for another job, that she had as a part-time. Sometimes at night time, when she was finally coming home, she would leave again to help her husband who was cleaning doctors’ offices at night time, also as a second job. But there is more, she was also extremely active in helping her son and daughter with raising her grandchildren by taking them to their extracurricular classes and having them over for every weekend. Later, I realized that this was just a small piece of what she did, she was always putting an effort on learning something: a guitar playing, insurance broker, accounting, and I am sure there is more that I am not aware of from before. It seemed as long as she would learn and make everyone to wonder, when she came over to me and offered to get into a course for the next three years, well that is how I overcome my self-conscience and went for a part-time into the college and got my Practical Nursing Diploma in a first place and now I look forward to completing my Nursing Degree.

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