Personal Narrative: Military After High School

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Military After High School I had just completed three years of high school in the summer of 1982. This was my senior summer. I planned my whole summer during the winter months. My mother purchased a motorcycle for me that Christmas. I rode a lot during the winter. So now that summer was here, I rode every chance I got. However, I had other things I wanted to achieve. Stay up all night; sleep late, talk on the phone. Meanwhile my mother had a different agenda house work. My mother would leave for work around 6:30 am. Now my mother wanted her house clean every day. However, when she called the house usually around 9:15 am. You have better not had over slept when she called. Mother would try to cram her honey do list in five minutes, because…show more content…
She would get mad and cancel your day. My sister could never figure out why she was home, and I was out having fun. When the chores were done it was playing time for me and my motorcycle. Now when my mother brought my motorcycle, she never would take me and get my license. It was like out of sight out of mind. My mother knew that the police always stopped motorcycle riders. A lot of my friends had motorcycles and the neighbors would call just to cause trouble for me and my friends. So if we were parked the police would turn on his blue lights to scare us. When the lights came on, we would scatter in different directions. Some would go through the woods and others through the back roads. Sometimes we would wait for hours. The cops would stay there the area knowing that a lot of us had to go home. I would head through the woods and sneak in the back door and when dark come. I would walk to the top street and go in the subdivision where I lived. I would hang out where the ladies were my friends would come out in…show more content…
In fact, she called the recruiter Saturday morning by that evening he was at the house signing papers for enlistment. After the papers were signed, I was very happy until reality set in telling my grandparents. My grandparents were born in an era when African Americans did not have many opportunities, blacks were regulated to humiliating jobs, and the military was no exception to them. During their adolescent years, my grandfather could not go to school, so he worked at Alcoa as a laborer. And my grandmother had a high school education. She became a house wife with five children. So selling the idea to them was going too hard to convince them. I had the whole school year to talk to them. So when I see them on the weekend, I would try to fill them out. I would talk about college first. They loved the idea for me to go to University of Tennessee; then I would say the service would pay for me to go to school; it would be a dead silent in the

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