Irene Kemp Case Study

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Irene Kemp has just completed her first day on a new job at Key Data Processing Co. (KDP). Although she had been out of the force while raising a family, she was hired recently as a payroll clerk, based primarily on three years’ experience she had 15 years ago. Quite naturally, she approached a job with more anxiety than the average person taking a new job. That evening, Jim, her 15-year-old son, asked, “How did it go today?” Irene replied, “Oh, okay I guess, although I’m not really sure.” She continued describing her day to her son and related that upon arriving at work, she went to ther personnel department. The personnel assistant said, “Are you starting today? Have a seat while I get some forms for you to fill out.” After spending 30 minutes having various hospitalizations, retirement, and other benefits explained, Irene was thoroughly confused, but managed to complete all the relevant forms. The personnel assistant then told…show more content…
Why don’t you observe what Roy is doing while I return some calls.” At 10:45 Fran called Irene into her office and spent 45 minutes reviewing work rules and the job responsibilities of payroll clerks. Then Fran left for lunch after asking one of the other clerks to “let Irene tag along with you for lunch>” After returning from lunch, Fran showed Irene the forms, where her desk was, and gave her some time cards, which needed the hours, computed. Irene spent most of the rest of the day completing the time cards, except for a break in mid-afternoon. At 4:10 Fran checked back with Judy, noted a few errors, and explained that she would have more time to spend with Irene tomorrow. Irene then punched out at 4:30 and went home. Irene’s son Jim, with the candor of a 15-year-old, said, “Man, they sound disorganized.” Later that evening Irene told her son that she was having doubts about taking a job at

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