Little Caesar Interview Essay

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Shawn Garrett Professor Judy Anderson English 1100 September 7, 2014 Little Caesars In late January of 2014 I was driving home from school in Circleville, Ohio. I realized that I forgot to check on my application at Little Caesars, and it was on the way home anyway. I walked in and a man walked up to the cash register; he had dark short hair, he was clean shaved, and had a polo shirt on. He noticed that I had a suit and tie on, not knowing that I had to wear it to school and that was the only reason why I wore it in there. He said his name was Dan and that he was the General Manager of the store. I asked him about my application status and he looked it up and gave me an interview later that week! When I came back, I had on jeans and a T-shirt, but he didn’t mind. We sat in the lobby and talked for a half an hour and he offered me the job! I was so excited because it was my first real job, and I had a friend from school that worked there also, her name’s Jessiee. Jessiee’s co-workers called her “hipster”, for good reason. She couldn’t have weighed over 100 pounds and dyed her hair an unhealthy amount of times a month. When she wasn’t working she had plugs in her ears and many piercings. I’ve went to school with her since we were in the seventh grade. My first week at Little Caesars was tough. There was a lot…show more content…
I worked every weekend and three days during the week. I also went to school for 8 hours a day, and 5 hours at work. If I wasn’t working or at school, I was sleeping. My girlfriend and I were in a crucial part of our relationship when I started working and it put a lot of stress on us. But, we learned to adjust and work through it. I had to sacrifice some of my “friends” that didn’t understand that I had to work; but they were obviously immature if they couldn’t understand that I didn’t need them then. I still had friends while I worked, but they worked
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