Narrative Essay On Gas And My Life

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Miguel Gonzalez 11-30-2010 English 100 Shavval Reid Flemming Gas My head was spinning, my throat burned, and all could think about was her and my life. Images flashed through my mind, feelings of desperation emerged as gasped for air; every cough brought me closer to my demise. Then everything went dark. Next thing I knew I was in a chair and all I could hear was, “Se esta ogando, se esta ogando!” In Spanish this means he’s choking. That’s when I realized that the quote “Live everyday like it’s your last.” was true. It was a rainy afternoon, I woke up to the annoying of sound my alarm clock it was two in the afternoon. I was tired from the night before; I didn’t have a reason to be up early because I didn’t have to work until three. I went upstairs said hi to my parents. My dad asked me when the generator that I rented had to be returned I told him before five that day. I also told him that I wanted to get the gas from the generator out. My dad told me to do it before work and that he would return the generator for me. So I walked out to the garage grabbed a plastic hose. I’ve people seen people cyfine gas numerous time in movies I thought how hard could be? I said let’s give it a try. I inhaled two big breaths, the first I didn’t get anything, but second time I took a big gulp of gas. That’s when I realized Miguel and gas didn’t mix. The…show more content…
My mother and my sister ran directly to my aid. They grabbed me and seated me on a chair. One thing remember was my sister giving me water and telling me to drink it. She called poison control and the new was bad. If I didn’t go to the hospital within the next twenty minutes I could’ve died. After hearing that I was convinced I was doing to die. Tear drops ran my face, I began to cry and the only person that entered my mind was my girl friend. The future we could’ve had, memories of us ran clear through my

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