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Tucker Lehr 10/1/12 790-670-188 Time Analysis Paper I found this project not only to be helpful, but also opened my eyes on what I do each and every day. I believe that my leisure time is a little more restricted during the school year. In this two week time period, I had quite a bit of leisure time, because I hadn't acquired a job yet. Now that I have a job my leisure time will most likely be cut in half from what it was two weeks ago. Since most of my classes run through the morning to early afternoon, I find that my leisure time comes in the afternoon, which in turn only leaves you so much daylight to work with. In this two week period, most of my leisure time included lifting weights, socializing with friends, doing homework, occasionally…show more content…
This now gives me less daylight too work with from what I had before. Now that it is getting colder outside, I want to get out and hike a little bit more. Evening trail runs are also a nice recreation sport as well. Also I am now on an intramural flag football team. We play every Tuesday night at Five o'clock. This is something that I have added into my leisure time after I had finished my two time budget period. I feel that I need to limit my TV time to a maximum of two hours a day. This will force me to get out and do other recreational activities. This includes long boarding, flag football, evening runs/trail runs, hiking, and basketball. These activities will allow me to stay free from watching more TV then I should. Last week I long boarded 4 day's out of the week. This took up a total of 240 minutes of my leisure time during my days. This cut's away from my TV time which essentially is a good thing. Also as I mentioned earlier that I am on a Intramural flag football team. I have had three games since I finished my time budget period sheets. This has taken up a total of 240 minutes of my leisure time during my days. This cut's away from my TV time which is an excellent…show more content…
If I can get outdoors as much as possible before winter comes this will help me in fixing my leisure time. Once winter comes, I will only be outdoors for activities that include Hunting, skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and ice hockey. I love winter time, it's my favorite time of the year. All these activities are the things I love to do in the winter time. Everyone of them get me out of the house and away from the TV. My favorite winter time activity is skiing. I have been skiing since I was six months old. I started out on my dad's back and then started on my own when I was one and a half years old. Just up until three years ago I got into freestyle park riding. I have now had a sponsorship for the last two years for freestyle park skiing. This involves me entering competitions that the company wants me to and placing in a certain amount of the competitions. This makes me spend a lot of my leisure time on the mountain. I spend every Friday afternoon through Sunday on the ski hill from early December till early April. I have to practice constantly to keep up my tricks and the lines I will perform in my competitions. If I was to calculate it out I would say that I spend about 30,000 minutes on the ski hill during ski season. This allows me to enjoy my leisure time outdoors and away from the

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