Personal Narrative: My Behavioral Modification Project

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Wen Bin Lin Prof: DePaulo PSY: 100 SEC: 026 Behavioral Modification Project I chose to modify my sleeping behavior for my behavior modification project. When I went to college, sleeping was something that I always had a problem with. When I was in high school, I slept seven hours. However, now I’m in my second years of college before this experiment I only got about four or five hours sleeping during my school days. That was not enough to meet an adult’s minimum sleeping hours, which is eight hours per night. I want to modify this sleeping behavior because I felt that not getting enough sleep was a negatively affecting my health, mood, and my academic career. When I lacked of the sleeping, I would feel tired, irritated, and fall asleep…show more content…
In the first week, I decided to go to sleep earlier then before, which was at 2AM. First of all, I adjusted my schedule I did my homework earlier and was done by 12PM. Secondly, I made a compromise with myself that if I watched movies I would not play games and vice versa. However, the obstacle that I met was to change my schedule. Since I used to be a late night person. Therefore, in the first of two days I felt overwhelmed under the new schedule. Fortunately, after a week I felt getting used to my new schedule and went to sleep at 2PM. It would bring my amount of sleeping up to 6 hours per night. I decided to treat myself to a good meal at Friday night. Second Week Data: 7 hours of sleep per night. In the second week, I decided to increase my goal, which is to sleep at 1AM everyday. In order to be bed on time, I scheduled a new time to myself. For example, I ate my dinner before 7PM, finished my homework before 11PM, and turned off my computer by 12:30AM. After increasing my goal I had a good amount of sleeping, which was 7 hours per night. Because I had completed my goal in week two, I bought myself a new pair of headphones. Third Week Data: 8 hours of sleep per

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