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 Thank You Jordan. --------------------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND ------------------------------------------------------------  Lakota Hills now a producer of a variety of Native American products was a company that developed throughout a series of trials and errors that had an interesting and rich story. Laura married to Jim with two young sons was known to be a hard-working individual. Laura from a very young age had always played a part in sideline businesses where she developed skills that became useful to her in her future businesses.  After getting married Laura went to college and as part of an in-class interview assignment got introduced to a business savvy uncle that she had never met. This uncle was one of the core motivators in Laura’s life that really got her on the path to starting her own business.  Based upon her new motivation and skills she developed as a child in sewing, materials, and color Laura started producing Native American Quilts and begin selling them from anywhere between $500 - $5000 a quilt. However though talented Laura found that this idea was impossible to continue.  Through Laura’s involvement in one of her fundraiser events while she was selling her families fry bread recipe when she decided to pursue this idea as a possible venture after receiving positive feedback.  The family after failing to secure various bag markers started to produce their own bags and begin to sell it into the market and found that it sold surprisingly well. Laura in an attempt to grow her career went on to receive additional education and also served as a business teacher for a period of time.  The fry bread company was becoming extremely popular they attended a QVC selling show and were able to sell out twice in three minutes. Their fry bread began to expand into a number of locations including Native American venues

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