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Marketing Research Rochelle Woods MKT/421 April 2, 2012 Ricci Rizzo Marketing Research The original vision of Kudler Finer Foods was to be a one stop gourmet food store. As a result Mrs. Kudler’s vision, Kudler Finer Foods growth continues to manifest. Mrs. Kudler built an expanding entity having direct control on customer service, all orders for the business and hiring. Known for her kindness and generosity to employees, this has allowed Kudler Finer Foods to prosper. Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) began as the dream of a local entrepreneur and has in the most part been successful. A solid base has been established for an organization that has its eye on future growth through intelligent planning. Kathy Kudler knows well the…show more content…
The firm needs more attention to a solid marketing effort including a website design and website launch and it needs to find alternate means of financing beyond its current sources. In 2003 and 2004, more than 52% and 60% of the customers felt that they paid more for the merchandise that the merchandise was worth. Kudler Fine Foods will employee a generic strategy of focus. Kudler Fine Foods will serve their niche market that is the gourmet chef and people that appreciate and are willing to pay for high quality, specialty, organic and locally grown foods. “A firm pursuing a focus strategy is willing to service isolated geographic areas; to satisfy the needs of customers with special financing, inventory, or servicing problems; or to tailor the product to the somewhat unique demands of the small- to medium-sized customer” (Pearce and Robinson, 2009, p.205). Mrs. Kudler has plans to add to the inventory and ordering automation by introducing new e-commerce capabilities and an online catering link (Kudler Fine Foods Portal, Strategic Plan, pgs 15-16). Kudler Finer Foods needs to implement new cost structure within 60…show more content…
Strategic planning is crucial at this stage and there are tools available to help any business perform the analysis needed to succeed. Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale food store specializing in foods and services that appeal to a niche market; gourmet chefs and gourmet chefs in training. The firm had good initial success with its first two stores, but its third store is suffering with lower than expected sales. The firm wishes to continue expansion and increase profitable growth. Before moving forward the company’s owner, Kathy Kudler, needs to understand her company fully and have accurate knowledge about the firm’s internal and external environment. Kudler Fine Foods has several directions the organization can choose for long term success. Using a combination the three grand strategies will give Kudler Fine Foods the best opportunity for a successful expansion. Employing this strategy will allow Kudler Fine Foods to provide high quality customer service, specialty products, and focus on a niche market, which the competition cannot offer. In developing this strategy Kudler Fine Foods will be able to gain

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