Life as We Knew It Essay

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The 2007 novel, ‘Life as we Knew it’ by Susan Pfeffer is about a family’s need to outlast a time of crisis when an asteroid collides with the moon knocking it out of orbit and causes mass destruction worldwide. Even after their vast shopping trip, the lack of basic needs makes it difficult to survive. My essay will clarify how Miranda and her family are persistent and hopeful throughout this catastrophic event. Miranda is an intelligent and inquisitive 16 year old girl who doesn’t need to rely on technology when electricity is no longer dependable. Instead, to take her mind off what is occurring around her she maintains a diary. Miranda thinks positive throughout the disaster she is experiencing and attempts to keep things as regular as possible by staying in contact with her dad, spending time with Dan and visiting the pond. Even though Miranda and Megan have grown apart over the months she still tries to correspond occasionally. All of these things helped Miranda to remain as “normal” as possible. Miranda’s mum ‘Laura’ changed promptly when the first sign of disaster took place in May. She was quick to take action with a vast shopping trip to stock up on food and supplies. She made many decisions for her family’s health and nutrition by starving herself and sending Jonny to baseball camp for more food and energy. Although she struggles to sustain herself she makes sure her close friends and most importantly her family are safe, which shows how selfless she is and how much her family means to her. Matt also helps maintain the family after making the decision to halt his education and return to his family. He acts like a father figure to Miranda and Jonny, and without him, his family would have struggled a lot more to survive. While they were all starving and had limited energy he still persists and frequently does things to get prepared for the colder

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