Why Is Oma My Hero?

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“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another,” said Charles Dickens. I learned this to be true, thanks to my dear hero, Oma. My grandmother, or “oma” in Dutch, is everyone’s grandmother. She is caring, generous and kind. Through her example, she has showed me the importance of helping others whenever possible. She ignited my drive to become a more selfless person and help others whenever I can. Because of her, I strive to be more considerate of those around me and value the importance of friendship and community. My grandmother is the incarnation of a selfless, nurturing and hospitable woman. She has always put everybody else’s needs before her own. She makes sure everyone is always comfortable; she cleans after them so they don’t have to; she listens to their problems; she takes care of every sick person that comes her way. As a child, when I was scared and couldn’t fall asleep, she would tuck me into bed and spend as much time as it took playing with my hair so that I would fall asleep. She taught me that doing something simple that does not require much effort from you can make all the difference for that other person. Because of her unconditional willingness to take care of me, I have learned that in life it is important to consider others and not merely focus on your personal interests. This has pushed me to take care of my little sister more attentively and to help my mother around the house so that she doesn’t have to do everything herself. A few years ago, I got sick with the flu only a couple of days before my grandmother was set to travel back to Lebanon. My mother had work, my sister had school and my grandmother was suppose start packing. However, almost the entire two days she stayed by my side making me warm soups and teas, ensuring I was comfortable and keeping me company. Though she had other things to do, she lay next

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