Parent & Children Relationships: A Wrinkle In Time

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Parent and Children Relationships in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time Growing up, I had a single parent household with my father as the primary caretaker. I had quite the privileged upbringing, although something was always missing, my mother. At first I was just sad about losing her, then I grew to resent her. Similar feelings of resentment were also portrayed in the novel, A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle. Meg at first falls back on her father for guidance and security, but soon realizes he cannot provide that. She becomes upset when he does not help her achieve her ultimate goal. She soon realizes that she must do some things on her own and that it would be the only way she would grow and mature. Since my dad was the only one to take care of me, I had a different childhood. I did things on my own a little earlier than others. I started doing my own laundry at the mere age of ten. I even made dinner for myself! My father was always working and trying to pay the bills. Two children and one parent is not the best combination, especially when the children are girls who like to spend a lot. I did not mind bringing myself up because I had more control over things and I enjoyed helping bring my little sister up. There were times where I did wish I had more of a parental figure in my life, but I could not complain much. When I did ask for my dad’s help, he tried to be there for me, but sometimes he would not be. Whenever I needed to schedule a doctor’s appointment, my dad always made me do it for myself. It bothered me that my dad would not help me with certain things. I felt as if I had matured way too fast. Looking back at it I realize I am more mature than most people my age, but this is a good thing. Meg goes through a similar situation when they must save Charles Wallace. Her father is not able to tesser him to another planet

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