Toddler Case Study

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Isela Perez March 14, 2013 Saturday, CD58 Developmental Child Case Study For my Developmental Child Case Study, I chose to ask one of my friends named Becky for permission to study her daughter, named Jenny. Jenny is a Caucasian three-year-old girl. Considering that Becky and I are pretty close and that I am familiar with her daughter, I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to study a child that is comfortable with me versus studying a child that is not used to my presence. I figured she wouldn’t get too distracted by my lurking and note taking. I spent fifteen minutes per week and on a few exceptions I spent an hour with her; this was all over the span of eight weeks at their home. Jenny is a single child, and being raised by a single mother that is twenty-eight years old. Both parents live in different states, and have been separated since given birth to Jenny. Jennies father has been absent from her life since she was a one-year-old toddler. Becky works full time at a Dental Office as a Dental Assistant and is a part time college student with the desire and motivation to become a Dentist. As you can imagine, having a three-year-old daughter while attending school and working can become pretty chaotic; so Becky has developed a strict weekend routine. Therefore I decided to do my observations at their home, although we did go to a local park about twice during the eight weeks. Cognitive Development: I observed Jenny playing independently and with others, she often played “house” and liked being the mom. Jenny could understand the difference between pretend play and what was reality. Jenny could get interrupted in middle of her role-play and get back into it as if nothing changed. When Becky would speak to Jenny in complete sentences, Jenny simply did what she was told and there were a few times when Jenny would confirm with Becky, other
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