Nur-405 Family Assessment/Nursing Diagnosis

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Family assessment and nursing diagnosis


August 14, 2014

Family assessment and nursing diagnosis.

The purpose of this family nursing assessment is to identify any actual or potential social and medical issues, their implications with the family’s community, and the relations with the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators (LHI). This information is utilized to develop family nursing diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate nursing interventions to improve the family and community health. The health of communities is directly related to the health of families (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012).
Identifying data The family selected for the assessment project consists of AM a 34 years old wife, CR 33 years old husband, IR 13 years old son, MR 10 years old son, and AR 9 years old daughter. AM and CR are the first generation in the US from Mexican immigrant parents. They both are bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. They strongly considered themselves Mexican-Americans. They were raised as Catholics, and as a norm of Catholic and Hispanic traditions, they baptized their children within a few months of being born. They also enrolled them in catechism as soon as they could read and by the age of nine, they did their first communion. AM has always being a housewife taking care of their three children at home. CR has been working in a warehouse for the past 15 years. CR drives over 60 miles roundtrip to go to work but he is content because he makes $16.00 an hour, as he says, pretty good considering that he did not complete junior high. CR’s job is the only source of income that this family have at this point. With this income they are barely above the poverty level for a family of five. AM graduated high school but did not continue to college because she got married. This family spends time at home and visiting relatives in

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