Miley Cyrus's Strange Change

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Alex Dye Journalism Mr. Melton November 26, 2013 question of the week Over the past year, miley cyrus Has changed from a sweet teenage pop idol to a “Strategic hot mess.” It seems as if Miley Cyrus’s huge transformation has been on everybody’s mind. From being a child pop star to a much more provocative and mature solo act is shown before us now. The MTV documentary Miley: the movement debuted, giving the world a close look into her personal life and a closer look and background of Miley Cyrus’s decisions and sudden changes. This documentary has caused many people to question how much they really know about Miley Cyrus. She has grown up. “People get a connection. They feel like like they really know you, and get really entitled...and then[they say], ‘she changed.’Well, yeah!” says Miley Cyrus says explaining how she has grown up and growing up comes with change. We all at some point we all go through a transformation in our lives. The path from being a child to becoming an adult is a big change and comes with a big transformation. This transformation is tricky for everybody. Growing up comes with social pressure from peers, media influences, and guidance from parents and teachers. If you add attention from the rest of the world it can lead to a very difficult and tricky situation. Many stars fade from fame as they grow into an adult. In Miley Cyrus’s case, she gained more attention and hence more fame. We have watched her grow, change, develop and define herself as an adult. Something you may not know about Miley Cyrus is she really values her family. She spoke about how much she loves her mother. She comments, “If I win, she wins. She is my manager, because she’s my mom.” Miley reflects her respect for her mom but also maintains her independance. Miley understands the difficulties that come with fame. She talks about the time she spent living in

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