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Miley Cyrus: Then and Now Growing up, I constantly watched The Disney Channel. Shows like That so Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Hannah Montana were among my favorite shows to watch. As I grew older so did many actors which appeared on these shows. Many seemed to have drifted away from the limelight, all except for one, Miley Cyrus. Better remembered as Hannah Montana, Miley continued her acting and singing career away from The Disney Channel. Although Miley Cyrus maintains the same singing and acting abilities; her image has dramatically changed over the years influencing today’s society. Hannah Montana was a popular show in which a normal teenager girl, Miley, would transform into world renown pop-sensation Hannah Montana by night. Miley played Hannah Montana on and off the air, traveling across the globe wearing a blonde wig, performing in front of millions of young girls who were crazy for her. Miley sang songs which related to girls ages 12 and younger. Songs like Nobody’s Perfect, Supergirl, and Just a Girl, were all appropriate for the young audience she attracted. These songs contained lyrics with small messages, boosting young girls with confidence. She sang with grace and a youthful, playful attitude. As Miley began growing up, she started distancing herself from Hannah Montana and Disney Channel. Miley continued her career on her own. Now that Miley is older and more mature her work has matured alongside her. Miley’s songs are now attracting an older crown as her songs are about more mature subjects. Songs about relationships, heartbreak, parties, alcohol, and sex, quite a dramatic change from previous songs, causing a drastic change of audience. Miley now writes her songs in a more personal manner, about her life and family as oppose to a more general topic. Miley still amazes people with her high and low pitches, and had continued to

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