Illustrative Essay on Family Roles

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The many hats I wear There are many different roles we have to take on in life; husband,wife; student;mother, father; professional. This same saying is complies to my family life. I had many roles within my families, perhaps even different roles at different times. Growing up I was the eldest of two younger sisters and one brother. Being the oldest means you have set the example for your younger siblings. This holds especially true for my youngest sister, she mimics me to the smallest details. As many other older sisters or brothers can relate to I have found my younger sisters copying hairstyles, outfits, and sayings. One evening I came downstairs with a side ponytail and a red shirt with pajama pants, my sister took a look at me and ran upstairs. This followed by her coming downstairs proudly with a side ponytail and an outfit extremely similar to mine. This really made me think twice about what I wear or say because I know my younger sister will follow. She has her own individual qualities but there is definitely an influence that is undeniable. I strive to be of an influence that will leave her looking up to her older family members in the long run. I used to be influences the same way by my mother, it seems to be a natural phenomenon. I think we are all more like our family members then we would like to admit sometimes, especially in our younger years. To her I am a role model, and an example. Yet to my mother I am a daughter, starting of wanting to be just like her. Copying her just how my younger sister would copy me. The ideal daughter is obedient, and follows the wisdom of their elders. That is what my role as a daughter should have been like, but this is far from true. After the stage of wanting to be everything like my mom, I started to see things differently. Due to facing lots of adult problems at an early age I had become a very independent child
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