Our family is a crucial influence on our journey of S-D

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In every walk of life our family has a crucial influence on us. It is when we are discovering ourselves that we need our family's support. It is therefore on our journey to self-discovery that our family has a decisive affect on the outcome of the journey. In the novel Unpolished Gem, Alice's family plays a crucial, yet disputed role on Alice's self-discovery journey. Ed's friends in The Messenger become like his family, as a family does they guide and support him through his journey. We also see the theme self-discovery throughout the poem Fifteen. All three texts have a varied yet definite connection to a family's influence on someones journey to self-discovery. Alice's family in Unpolished Gem have a fateful influence her. Alice's parents tell her who she is permitted to see. They also instruct her how to dress, and of course how not to. It is through experiences such as Alice's younger sister falling off the bed, under her watch, that Alice's parents have a crucial influence on her self-discovery. Specifically, Alice's relatives influence her self-discovery journey by not being supportive. As Alice had to grow up basically looking after her self and her younger siblings she learned that even if you do not have support you still need to follow your dreams and live you life. This is a large aspect to how Alice discovered herself. Alice's parents get extremely angry at her and blame her completely for the accident. This circumstance is a critical one on Alice's journey to self-discovery. Alice learns how protective and careful she has to be while looking after her brothers and sisters. The same thing happens in the outside world, if you are not careful with your responsibilities they may be taken away and this may end in severe punishments and discontent from your family. Throughout Unpolished Gem, Alice's family plays a crucial role in her journey to

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