All Or Nothing: Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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All or Nothing How would it make you feel to be walked over, every day, by someone you love? In the short story “everyday use”, By: Alice Walker. There are two sisters that are so very different, they just don’t see eye-to-eye. First you have Maggie; she is quiet and is not happy about the way she looks. Then there is Dee, the older sister, which is out spoken and thinks she is the best looking girl in the world. As for Maggie, she is ok with the way they live, however Dee does not understand why they still live the way they do. The older sister thinks she can take and do as she wishes, as Maggie lets everything go without a fight. If they could just get along, they could change a whole lot in each other’s lives and be allot more understanding of each other. If every person in this world would stop judging, and start listening to each other, there may not be as many wars and deaths.…show more content…
Maggie was so shy and tried not to be seen or heard by anyone. Her scars and the little extra weight is what made her look so different from her sister. Dee was the pretty and thin one that had no worries about who and how people looked at her. She was always dressed as if she was ready for anything! “At sixteen she had a style of her own, and knew what style was.”{pg.257}. It always made Maggie envious of Dees’ beauty. This affects allot of people in everyday society, schools, work and many other social events. Just recently in the news there was one such incident that happened in Delaware. The events left one young child in serious

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