Reading Response Journal for Summer Reading

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Reading Response Journal for Summer Reading Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Victoria Ned 11th Grade Journal Entry # 1 Victoria Ned Jane Eyre 37 pages When reading the first part of Jane’s life at Gateshead, one feels that she is the outcast of her so called family who treats her more like a delinquent than anything. One enters the story through imagery and Jane’s point of view, where she often describes a gloomy mood such as cold winds and black clouds seen through the window. As for the characters, the Reeds seem to be the worse. Jane possesses intelligence yet she is not very attractive where as her cousin, Georgiana is beautiful beyond compare yet very conniving and devilish. Georgiana’s sister, Eliza, is also beautiful, but seems less sinister than the others in her family and their brother and mother are the cruelest of them. Out of everyone, the educated servant, Bessie, is the only one to show Jane any bit of kindness. There are many characters in the section but the main ones seem to be very aggressive. The relationships between the characters seem very easy to understand. Due to Mrs. Reed’s late husband and Jane’s uncle’s dying wish, Jane was to live with the Reeds with Mrs. Reed treating her as one of her own children. Yet Mrs. Reed and her children, especially John who Jane often calls a “…wicked cruel boy!”(Bronte 5) treat her unfairly because she is not of gentleman status. While reading, I was reminded of the feeling I had while in all my Pre-Ap classes. Overall, part one of Jane’s life is really interesting. In the beginning when Jane is being punished for lashing out at John by being sent to the Red Room, one wonders why send her there? Then you find out the history of the room and that Mr. Reed died. One theory why everything in the room is red could simply symbolize the blood of Mr. Reed or you know his favorite color. Also when Jane
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