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PRECIOUS The movie I’m conducting a content analysis on is “Precious”, which is based on the novel “Push”. Claireece Precious Jones, also known as Precious is overweight African American teenager who is still in Junior High School at the age of 16 years old. She lives with her mother in an apartment in the slums of New York. Precious is a victim of psychology, physical, and sexual abuse from both her mother and father. She has had one child and is pregnant with her second child by her father; that is considered incest. Her mother on the other hand let the sexual abuse from her father go on. Her mother abuses her physically and psychologically. Precious coping skills with all three abuses are escaping a fantasy of imagination in her mind. She dreams of being a famous, a star that everyone worships and treats with respect. That is the real Precious hidden behind of the vulgar comments her mother has put in her head. She wishes that she was light skinned, real skinny, and long hair; that’s how she imagines herself. Precious mother, Mary has issues of her own that were shown at the end of the film. Mary has not always been abusive to Precious and didn’t think so low of her. The abuse started to occur when Carl, Precious father, decided to touch her at the age of three years old. Mary feels as if Precious ruined her life. She thinks that Precious took the only person away from her that loved her which was Carl. Her thoughts about the whole situation (physical and sexual abuse) were to take care both of them as she refers to them as “her man and her baby”. She claims that she had no intentions on letting it happen. The first encounter of Carl molesting Precious was at the age of three. While Mary and Carl were having relations, Precious was laying next to them on a pink pillow when he reached over to touch Precious. She asked Carl what he was doing, but he told her to

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