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Kevin Tacy Mrs. Portier English 101-3m October 1, 2011 Harley Duval seems like just a normal teenager living her life but then again she is different. The description of Harley would be a strong-minded, independent teenage mother. For only being 17 she is actually very responsible and mature. She also has a great deal courage to be raising a child at such a young age and to be still in high school. Everything Harley does in her life is for her child, no matter what circumstances occur. When Harley found out she was pregnant for her first child, her life changed. During Harley’s first two years of high school years she was never categorized as the popular girl, but she did have numerous amounts of friends. Harley is extremely sociable…show more content…
A tragedy happened days after Harley found out she was pregnant. Her boyfriend had totaled his car while on his way to pick her up for school. This situation made it much more difficult to tell her boyfriend the news. When Harley explained her feelings when the doctor explained that she was pregnant she said, “My feelings were altered; I didn’t know what to feel. I was confused, terrified, upset, and depressed” (Duval). All she could think about was how impossible it would be to raise a child. Harley’s choices of having a baby would be changed if it was in her control. Abortion was never in her mind, adoption was a possibility; but when she saw the first ultrasound of her baby, her mind changed about the pregnancy situation. It was her mistake, so she is going to take on her responsibility, and be a great parent for her unborn child. She said, “If it was my choice i would have got pregnant after college” (Duval). Luckily, her boyfriend, her family and friends were unexpectedly supportive of this major change in Harley’s life. Everyone preached to Harley about how tough it would be with having a baby, she didn’t think anything of it. The only worry in their minds was Harley and her junior year of high school; hoping and expecting she would finish…show more content…
Harley is still attending high school with the plans of attending college. She had to learn to be responsible at a young age, but her responsibility has made her a better person and great mother. Harley has matured not just as a person, but as a strong-independent mother that would do anything for her son. The courage that has made her capable to raise her child has made her stronger emotionally. Commonly, teenagers that have children at an early age usually either drop out of high school or get their G.E.D. Harley is unique compared to most teenage moms; she has planned opportunities for herself to greaten her child’s

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