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Micquelyn Montgomery Bri Kneisley 3-6-12 English 90 Loving U In the essay “I want to be a Miss America” by Julia Alvarez she talks about learning to love the inner you. Alvarez’s family came from Dominican Republic to America for a better life. Being a woman Alvarez’s struggled with America’s version of a woman. Alvarez and her three sisters would watch the Miss America Pageant’s each year admiring the young ladies. As a family they would watch the shows in their parent’s room. Alvarez essay was effective in explaining the importance of self-love. Her general audience was teenage girl watching television. Alvarez uses her personal experience to show the huge influence of mainstream media stereotypes toward women. Alvarez essay explains how her parents and media taught Alvarez self-worth. Alvarez’s explains how she grew up and learned to love herself. “As a young teenager in our new country, my sisters and I searched for clues on how to look as if we belonged here (Alvarez 92). Young girl sometimes find themselves trying to be like people they see on T.V. so that they can fit into the world. Alvarez didn’t want to be considered different or weird to her peers. Each year Alvarez and her family would watch the Miss America contest on T.V. This was how the girls learned how to be…show more content…
It is not much you can do to make someone accept who they are, that choice is left up to the individual. Many young women in different cultures go through life trying to fit into what America calls the norm, young teens just need to find their niche and perfected it. Every woman’s time is different when they finally stop caring what people think. Ladies, you just have to learn to love you. When girls take all the negative and positive aspects of their life and mush it all together it makes the person they are today. We can’t change who we are but can change what we will

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