Sara Palin Research Paper

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The Palin Affect? B The term “Reality T.V. Star.”, may be clear to some, but to most the definition is still hazy. It seems to always change from day to day, week to week. For instance the newest comer to the club (some would argue) would be Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sara Palin. Bristol has been a part of the cast of this 2010 season of Dancing with the stars. Sara Palin the ex-governor of Alaska, ex-vice presidential candidate of 08 for the republican-party and now a new “Reality T.V. Star” mom, with her own show Sara Palin’s Alaska. Has proven that no matter how you feel about her, you can’t help but admit she has star power. A few questions remain why is she so popular? How this has affected the nation? And with this new found…show more content…
One can only speculate yes, if her last appearance with Barbra Walters could be considered to be a clue. When Sara Palin was asked by Barbra Walters whether she thought if she runs in 2012, would she be a winner over Obama, her answer was a yes without hesitation, “I think so” she said. With all this exposure that she has accumulated it would be a shame for it all to go to waste, would it not? With her new reality T.V. show “Sara Palin’s Alaska” she is bound to attract more followers, her opening night net 5 million plus viewers. It’s self evident that her supporters will follow her any ware. With that said her critics say that this is the explanation for her daughter Bristol Palin’s sudden rise to fame and fortune in this seasons Dancing with the Stars. The accusation that Bristol who is not a dancer, nor a star, is being purpled thru the competition by the Tea party. The media claims that Bristol Palin’s camp and the Tea Party are feeding the voting system with false Email address votes. This is the only reason for someone with little or no talent, to be able to remain in the top three headed for the finals. No matter how you look at it the people have spoken for Bristol as well as her mother, they are both loved by
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