Going Rogue, the Sarah Palin Story

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“Going Rogue: An American Life” In the beginning of Sarah Palin’s book, “Going rogue,” she discusses many aspects of her early life. She starts the book off by presenting us with a scenario where she is wandering the state fair and see her daughters face on a “pro-life” poster that her daughter had posed for when she was a baby. “I love to write, but not about myself,” (pg. 409) Sarah on a book that is entirely about her and the life she lives before and after politics. She states how months before the presidential campaigning begin she gave birth to a special needs child and still managed to be a public figure who had her life together in the eyes of America. She also explains about her five fids and how grateful she is to have each and every one of them. Sarah is a modern day superwoman to say the least. She had so much going on when she was chosen as Senator John McCain’s running mate in 2008 that many people thought she was crazy, but Sarah had her life very much together and despite the fact that she had just had a baby she was very much ready for the challenge. She stated that she had learned many things being the governor of Alaska, a position in which she resigned from in July of 2008, that she was ready for a new challenge and a new goal in her life. Many say she resigned because she wanted to get an early start on the presidential election in 2012, but Sarah had just made up her mind about new challenges and moved on. This book was not intended nor does it have anything to do with where Sarah’s future lies, but more to do with in her mind how she is already running to be a part of the White House. This book skims a bit on how she was a tough person which got her the name “Sarahcuda,’ a word she seen on a shirt when she was on a campaign route. Sarah obtained the title of the book, “Going Rogue,” from one of John McCain’s aids they were describing her

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