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Learning Team B Week Five Reflection - 360 Reach Assessment Viola Brown, Richard Clawson, Gerald DeYounge, Inger Wilson LDR/531 December 16, 2013 Aaron Aylsworth Learning Team B Week Five Reflection - 360 Reach Assessment Introduction The 360 Reach Assessment is much like the show What Not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton are the show’s hosts. The two enter a room and surprise the unsuspecting contestant informing her that she is nominated for the show “What Not to Wear.” The contestants on the popular reality television show are nominated for style makeovers. The candidates are usually women whose family, peers and co-workers nominate her because of her lack of style. The contestant is clueless of how the world views their style. As a part of the show the contestant is placed in a room of mirrors that gives her a 360 degree view of herself. The show’s host Stacy and Clinton evaluate her current wardrobe and make suggestions on how to improve. While arguably not as fun the 360 Reach Assessment gives one an opportunity to see how peers view them. The paper will briefly look at the purpose of the assessment and in conclusion discuss the benefits of the analysis. Purpose It is important for individuals to develop a comprehensive view of themselves based on the assessment of other people’s view of them. It is doubly so for persons who aspire to be leaders of others. Having a true picture of how others perceive one is very advantageous to individuals interested in self growth. “The basic premise of the process is that individuals with different relationships to the person being rated have different perspectives on that person's job performance. By combining data from these different perspectives, it should therefore be possible to construct a more complete picture of the person being rated strengths and development needs” (Craig &Hannum, 2006). At the
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